Learn The Colors Of Auras And Their Meanings

The human aura is a fascinating thing and can provide lots of information about a person, including about their states of health and mind. Learn the colors of auras and their meanings. Learning to read the aura involves gaining an understanding of what the different aura colors mean. Although everybody’s aura is different, which convey a message about the person or object they surround. While there are many variations, there are some generally accepted guidelines when it comes to interpreting aura colors.

Red aura energy:

Red represents the functionality of the heart with respect to circulation and the physical body. From a definite point of view, this may indicate a healthy ego; On the negative side, it could imply anger, fear or unforgiveness.

Orange aura energy:

Orange refers to reproductive organs and emotions. Positively, it shows energy, stamina, creativity, productivity, courage, or extrovert social nature. Negatively speaking, it can relate to the current stress associated with appetite and addictions.

Yellow aura energy:

Yellow is associated with the spleen and life energy. It is the color of awakening, of inspiration, of intelligence and common action, of creativity, of joy, of optimism and quiet nature. On the other hand, a bright yellow can indicate the fear of loss of control, prestige, respect or power.

Green aura energy:

Green is related to the heart and lungs. When aura displays green, it symbolises growth and balance, or something that leads to change. Most importantly,More so, it represents the love of humans, animals and nature. A dark green or muddy forest aura shows jealousy, resentment, feeling insecurity and low self-esteem.

Blue aura energy:

Blue is connected to the throat and the thyroid gland. Their positive associations are affection, love for nature, intuition, and sensitivity. Dark shades of blue indicate fear of the future, self-expression or mastering the truth.

Violet aura energy:

Purple is related to the crown, the pineal gland, and the nervous system. It is considered the most sensitive and wisest of the colors. It is the natural color of the aura and reveals the psychic power of self-harmonization.

Silver aura energy:

Silver is the color of spiritual and physical abundance.

Gold aura energy:

This color of aura means enlightenment and divine protection. His highest good guides someone with a golden aura.

Black aura energy:

Black attracts energy and transforms it. It usually indicates a long-term unforgiveness or unreleased grief which can lead to health problems.

White aura energy:

White represents purity and truth. This may mean that angels are nearby or that a woman is pregnant or will soon be pregnant.

Know The Right Time To Cleanse

We tap the energies of others without noticing them. When these energies are negative, they negatively affect our aura. Maybe you have had such an experience: Being in a good mood and want to spend time with a friend, while enjoying your night, but at some point, you realize that you are feeling irritable and restless. When you get home, you are in a bad mood, and you do not know how you got there. A situation like this indicates that you need to cleanse your aura. Even if your aura does not seem unbalanced, it is a good idea to purify it regularly to release any negative energy.

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