Migraine Aura Treatment

For migraine aura treatment, concentrate on your root chakra, which is at the base of your spine and connected to the red color. Visualize that it is anchored to the ground by a red light that extends underneath. Then visualize yourself in a rain of the radiant golden glow of the sun. Give the light access to your body and your aura. Keep this picture for a moment.
Imagine an extension of a violet light from the soles of your feet to your head. Feel its warmth, and protective sense and believe that it can heal and protect every space in your aura. At this point, you are undergoing the purification and healing process, and you should feel stronger and peaceful as you release the negative energy. Meditate on this feeling for a moment as you undergo this migraine aura treatment. When you’re comfortable, imagine a white light surrounding your purified aura for extra protection.

Protect Your Aura

Massage, shielding, cord cutting and divine intervention are other steps to protect and strengthen your aura.

Try Reiki energy healing

Reiki is an alternative healing practice. This light touch therapy increases the flow of energy, and it comes with a lot of health benefits; like relaxing the beneficiary’s body, which in turn helps in releasing stress and tension. A Reiki practitioner receives the divine energy and channels it into your energy field, where it permeates blocked chi to prevent further mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual dysfunctions.

Create a shield

Visualize a bubble and warm light that surrounds you. This shield act as a repellant to any negative thought, sensation or other psychic attack trying to drain you of your positive emotion and energy.

Cut the cord to benefit you and treat migraine

Invisible energy cord can come from you and connect with another person, place, object or situation. While the real love strings can never be cut, you can cut the ether strings due to fear to prevent further energy loss. Invite the Archangel Michael to use his sword to cut the negative strings or imagine a laser beam of crystal cutting them off.

Ask for angel help

Angels are always available to help you, but they will only intervene if you invite them. Ask the Archangel Michael to cut off the negative cord, Archangel Raphael to fill the energy gap with the green healing light, and the Archangel Metatron to cleanse the chakras. Call the angels for help.

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