How To See Auras? Step by step guide

First step: Start by sensing

psychic reading auraAn excellent way to see the auras is to practice recognizing them. It means being conversant of your feelings while with a person. Take a deep breath, exhale and focus on the bodily sensations and your emotional response. Evaluate how close you feel to the person: serene? Scary? Agitated? Then connect this to the color of aura you would assign to this person. Over time, as your skills improve, it will be easier to feel and see the auras.

Develop your peripheral vision

Our peripheral vision has healthier photosensitive cells because the is less damaged compared to the central part of the retina. Human central vision has been formed to use it in a particular way over the years, and it may be difficult to devote ourselves to this new view of the auras. For you to increases your photosensitivity, you can always practice this simple exercise: focus on one point for 30-60 seconds.

Tune in to colors

When you practice with bright colors, it can enhance how you see auras.For a practice, cover a book with blue or red paper and place it on a table a few feet away from you. Make sure the wall behind the book is either white or neutral while you keep the light in the room soft. Now, be relaxed, close your eyes, take a deep breath, then open your eyes and look at the book. Instead of fixing your gaze on the book, see beyond it and to the sides. You will notice a pale, narrow aura from the book after a while. The aura emanating from the book will turn yellow or light green while you retain your gaze.

To master this art, try covering several books with different colored paper and looking at them. As you learn this, improve your path with plants, animals, and humans.

It is a regular thing to blink and fast in the process of this exercise. The aura may disappear for a second while you blink, but it will reappear almost immediately if you stay relaxed and keep your focus. Keep practicing to get eyes used to remain steady and constant attention but remember  everyone has this ability at a different pace. Therefor, practice only a few minutes and avoid straining your eyes or tense forehead.

Learn to see

Ask a partner to stand 18 “in front of an empty white wall in a room that is not too bright.” Look at the wall behind the person and a few inches from his / her body. Instead of looking at the person’s figure, see beyond where he/she stands and try to see an area around the person where the back wall may look brighter than the rest. Try to see the color, try to describe that area with the appropriate color. Once you have identified the color, you can ask the person to swing from one side to the other. Your energy field should move with them.

Don’t get confused when you see different colors in different areas of the person’s aura, sometimes an aura can undoubtedly have different colors, depending on what is going on in different parts of a person’s body

The brightness of a person’s aura speaks a lot about what they feel. A person who feels happy and full of life will show stronger, bigger and brighter auras. While examining someone’s aura, try to play his/her favorite music to energize his aura making it more visible.

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